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Saturday, 21 Jul 2012



learn to teach the grace and bliss of amrit yoga...'meditation in motion’

STARTS  22nd JULY 2012


About Amrit Yoga:

Come and join Julie Gargano, pioneer of Amrit Yoga in Australia and professional teaching staff, for an inspirational journey of Amrit Yoga Teacher Training Course held for the first time in Australia & Bali.

Stand out as a unique, gifted & quality teacher by learning how to integrate the philosophy of yoga into an experiential reality on and off the yoga mat. Learn to guide students through the foundations of dynamic posture work, how to enter a direct experience of unity consciousness where they will develop and increase sensitivity to their subtle energy bodies, awaken intuition through the dormant power of the 3rd eye, engage in the deepest levels of inner stillness, tranquility & peace, and aligning consciously on their spiritual path and the soul evolution that unfolds with that.

Amrit Yoga embodies grace & bliss, strength & fluidity, form & formless. It is a powerful and sophisticated form of Hatha Yoga & Raja Yoga combined. Amrit Yoga explores the subtler, deeper and transformative dimensions of yoga which is not commonly practiced today. This purposeful practice will take you where you  have never been before in a yoga practice. Connection, alignment and fulfillment on all levels is the outcome.

Developed & founded by world renowned Yogi Amrit Desai USA, learn & experience the rich, rare and powerful opportunity to connect to the path of Shaktipat Kundalini Yoga through Yogi Amrit Desai and his lineage, Swami Shri Kripalvanandji, one of the greatest Kundalini masters of this century.


About Amrit Yoga Teacher Training:

Become a Certified Amrit Yoga Teacher by attending 350 hours of tuition held part time over 12 months. Please note that this training is ordinarily only offered in the USA and is now available to you in Australia.

  • Deepen your understanding and experiential knowing of yoga
  • Spiritualize the practice of yoga
  • Learn postures, sequences, individual adjustments and modifications, and gain technical skills under the guidance of seasoned teachers
  • Connect with a new level of awareness that serves you in all aspects of life
  • Learn how to discover and release holdings that are affecting your health and your life
  • Build physical, mental and emotional strength and vitality

Julie Gargano, international yoga teacher and original founding director of Prana House, Melbourne and is the course coordinator & principle teacher. She is assisted by professional teaching staff including yoga teacher Anahata Giri; yoga teacher and anatomy & physiology teacher; Kaye Tribe.


Course Modules include:

MODULE A: Amrit Yoga -Class experience ‘meditation in motion’

MODULE B: Philosophy of Amrit Yoga

MODULE C: Yoga Philosophy

MODULE D: Technique & Alignment & Teaching Beginner’s

MODULE E: Teaching Methodology

MODULE F: Reflective Practices that support the Posture of Consciousness

MODULE G: Integrative Practice & Teaching

MODULE H: Yogic Physiology & Energy Systems

MODULE I: Anatomy & Physiology

MODULE J: Professional Practice & Self Care

MODULE K: Self Practice as a Foundation

MODULE L: Mentoring

MODULE M: Business Marketing


When & Where:

Part 1: BALI -22nd-29th July 2012 Offered as a 7 Day intensive at The Yoga Barn, Ubud, Bali

Part 2: PRANA HOUSE, Australia, Level 1/885 High Street Thornbury 3071 Melbourne

Saturday & Sunday held monthly - 9am-5pm both days 


Contact us:

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