Introductory Yoga Course


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Level 3, 360 Little Collins Street, Melbourne, VIC, 3000, Australia
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Monday, 17 Jun 2013 to Monday, 8 Jul 2013
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This 4-week course is designed for beginners to take their first practical step to a solid foundation in the techniques of conscious exercise (asana, or postures/poses) and conscious breathing (pranayama, or breathing exercises). 

Spine and sports injuries, heart disease, stress, chronic fatigue, back pain, allergies, high and low blood pressure, eating disorders, all these and more can be successfully treated with daily practice of Yogic conscious exercises, meditation and simple pure and nutritious intake of food.

When right understanding of the application of Yogic conscious exercise and conscious breathing has been learnt they can be practiced every day for lasting benefits.

Your teacher is Duncan, who commenced Yoga in 1986 under Natanaga Zhander in Melbourne Australia. After four years of training Duncan joined Zhander in Sydney to begin a three year intensive Yoga Apprenticeship, and upon graduating continued to develop his understanding and approach to traditional Ghatastha Yoga.

Duncan has been teaching for over twenty five years in Europe, the Middle East, the United States and Australia. In 1994 he founded the Hatha Yoga Institute in Cologne, Germany and in 1998 Duncan founded the Yoga Arts Academy in Melbourne, Australia. Duncan has successfully guided hundreds of students through the foundations of an effective yoga practice and also runs one of Australia's most comprehensive 3-year yoga training apprenticeships.


Included for $90

$90 for the complete course (4 evenings for 1.5 hours a session)