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Friday, 8 Aug 2014 to Sunday, 10 Aug 2014
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Prahlad has been teaching for 28 years with focused attention on the development of the Ghatastha Yoga forms and personalized yoga therapy.


In this specialized workshop series, Duncan will introduce a progressive path for the beginner student to successfully master the practice of yoga asana. One step at a time with integrated movement, breath and feeling, learn how the practice of Ghatastha yoga forms can build skill in fluidity, precision and power, without the accumulation of tension.


Friday 7-9pm - Talk and Demonstration: The principles of right diet, right exercise and right breath.


Saturday 9-12pm - Standing application of Ghatastha yoga form 1


Sunday 9-12pm - Floor application of Ghatastha yoga form 1



Included for $140

Friday only $20

One day only $75

Full workshop (friday session inclusive) $140