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Bend It Yoga, Killara, 554 Pacific Highway, Killara, New South Wales, 2071, Australia
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Friday, 10 Jun 2022 toMonday, 13 Jun 2022
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Who Am I?

What’s my potential?

Why do I sabotage myself?

How can I create the changes that I dream of in myself and my life?

Why do others think, feel & behave so differently and how do I relate when we seem so different?

How can I get along with others when we are so different.

How can I resolve differences respectfully?

Millions of individuals are grappling with these questions, in the face of conflicting messages about who we should be, how to behave and what’s important in life. We know we need to grow and evolve, but often the journey takes us away from where we want to go and it’s difficult to know when to go with it, and when to take control.

At this 3-day retreat, you will discover the wisdom of this ancient map, to better understand yourself and others. You will gain insight into the 9 different personality traits, delving into the core motivations, defence mechanisms & fears that lie in the unconscious layers of the psyche. You will discover how to recognise the qualities of each type and develop greater respect and appreciation for their gifts.

This retreat brings together the practice of yoga and meditation with the wisdom of the enneagram, so you can better understand your ‘self’, your colleagues, peers & loved ones; enhancing communication, understanding & connection to enjoy kinder, respectful and collaborative relationships.

The enneagram relationships retreat is only offered once per year. A rare opportunity to discover what makes yourself and others tick, it helps you develop deep appreciation and respect for everyone in your life, breaking down barriers that create separation. This insight makes it a huge asset both personally and professionally.

The report alone is an invaluable document valued at over $250, think of it as a road map with wisdom and guidance to support your evolution and development over a lifetime. Combined with the therapeutic benefits of yoga and meditation, this retreat offers you an opportunity to hit the pause button, look at yourself and others differently and change the way you relate to the world around you.

Places are strictly limited, so book now to avoid disappointment.

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Included for $795

3 mornings of yoga & meditation;
Full 25 page enneagram report - a road map for your growth and development, worth over $250;
Morning tea & vegetarian lunch each day.

Schedule / Itinerary

7pm-8.30pm Friday Welcome and introduction 8am till 5pm Saturday: 8am Yoga & Relaxation 9.30am Morning tea & coffee 10am till 1pm Exploration & discussion: The Enneagram – The 9 personality types explained – the core motivation of each revealed. 1pm Delicious Vegetarian Lunch 2pm till 4pm: Exploration & discussion: The Enneagram –Subtypes and primal drivers – unlock that which creates self-sabotage. 4pm Meditation 5pm Retreat Day ends. 8am till 5pm Sunday: 8am Yoga & relaxation 9.30am Morning tea & coffee 10am till 1pm Exploration & discussion: The Enneagram type wings - a new perspective. 1pm Delicious Vegetarian Lunch 2pm till 4pm Conflict styles & how to get what you want 4pm Meditation 5pm Retreat Day ends. 8am till 3pm Monday: 8am Yoga & relaxation 9.30am Morning tea & coffee 10am till 1pm Exploration & discussion: Recognising stress for each type and pathways for growth and evolution 1pm Delicious Vegetarian Lunch 2pm Closing comments & discussion 3pm finish.