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Sunday, 21 Aug 2022 toSunday, 21 Aug 2022
$44 + small booking fee
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During a RY mini-retreat you're guided through around 5 simple yoga poses that are all done lying down, on the support of a padded mat. The shapes your body makes take your spine through it's various ranges of movement and are held from 5-20 minutes. Your comfort throughout is of the utmost importance so if a shape that's suggested doesn't suit your body, I give you alternatives. This effortless, still, gentle practice is designed to assist participants to unwind, relax and ease physical and mental stress


In a typical session, you'll be guided through breathing exercises, mindfulness techniques + meditation with the intention of helping you nourish your body, mind and spirit, so you can reset your nervous system and once again flourish. I use guided mindfulness suggestions as a tool to change levels of stress in the moment and guided meditation to soothe the nervous system, while participants are fully supported physically with props, allowing profound relaxation. For Savasana (the final pose) I offer silence


This event has a focus on Chakras

Included for $44 + small booking fee

Afternoon tea

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Class runs for 2 hours Welcome Slow gentle movements to unwind Restorative yoga poses Guided meditation, breathing and mindfulness techniques Peace during Savasana Invitation to stay for herb tea and sweet treats