Restorative Yoga

Jul3120222:00 pmtoJul3120224:00 pm

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12 Paul Street, Sandgate, Queensland, 4017, Australia
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Sunday, 31 Jul 2022 toSunday, 31 Jul 2022
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Restorative yoga is relaxing , effortless and blissful! Lying on a padded yoga mat, supported by bolsters and blankets, you'll be guided through a simple breathing technique to support your body and move from wired and tired, to soothed and rested. Experience the benefits of guided meditation and mindfulness techniques while you sink into deep relaxation and release physical tension. Practiced regularly, Restorative Yoga can restore energy levels, improve sleep, re-balance the nervous system and counteract the effects of a busy life.


No yoga experience or flexibility required. Beginners are very welcome.


Included for $44

Yoga and simple afternoon tea

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Slow stretch to open 4-5 Restorative yoga poses Guided meditation and breathing Simple afternoon tea served from 4 pm