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Friday, 11 Jul 2014 to Sunday, 13 Jul 2014
0408 290 987


Course Structure

Friday 11th July 6:30pm to 8:30pm

Evening lecture: Hindu Mythology: Gods, Goddesses and the Divine Within

"None but a god can worship a god."--Hindu saying

Join Emily for a discussion of Ram, Krisna and their better halves as what Joseph Campbell has described as "reflections of the spiritual potentialities of every one of us." This evening will involve storytelling and inquiry rather than movement.

Saturday 12th July 1:00pm to 4:00pm

Workshop 1: Sage Presence: Explore the Power of the Sage Poses

The sage poses (Vashistasana, Visvamitrasana, Koundinyasana, Ashtavakrasana) represent some of the most dynamic and intricate arm balances in all of yoga. This workshop will explore and make accessible these shapes by delving into their alignment, story and spirit in order to conjure and unleash our innate divine wisdom. When we assume the form of the sage, not only do we discover that everything we seek is already contained in the space of the heart, but we also ignite and engage with the vastness of what's given.

Sunday 13th July 1:00pm to 4:00pm

Workshop 2: Dharma and Lila: Expanding the Boundaries of Asana

Join Emily for a playful exploration of expanding the perceived boundaries of your yoga. We will steep in the mythology of Krishna to inspire both a deep focus and a lighthearted play in your asana practice. Feed your soul with some serious storytelling while investigating radical shape and form.

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Pricing Structure

Weekend Investment if booked before June 15, 2014

To attend all three workshops $160

To attend Friday Night 11th July $35

To attend Saturday 12th July $70

To attend Sunday 13th July $70


After June 15, 2014 prices will be

To attend all three workshops $180

To attend Friday night 11th July $40

To attend Saturday 12th July $80

To attend Sunday 13th July $80

Tickets are transferable but non refundable.

Payments can be made into the Westpac account of Lara Dwyer with reference of your full name and what you are paying for (whole weekend or individual class).

BSB 736 081

Acc no 556 386

Please email lara to notify payment at lara@sukhayogaaustralia.com.au and a receipt will be issued to you.