Sunday Sangha

Nov22202010:00 amtoNov22202012:00 pm

Map of Mullumbimby, New South Wales
22 Main Arm Road, Mullumbimby, New South Wales, 2482, Australia
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Sunday, 22 Nov 2020 toSunday, 22 Nov 2020
By donation


We are here to serve each other, to remind each other of Truth, to know ourselves as Love, to learn and grow as human beings, to be divinely human.

Sangha means ‘a community of Truth’. When we gather in this way – in Truth, in openness and honesty, the vibration of Love is amplified.  'Sunday Sangha' is partially silent space (other than when sharing of course) which offers the space for Beings to meet themselves and others at a deeper level. It is an opportunity to take time out from your worries, concerns and distractions. A space to meet yourself and others in the tenderness of the Heart. A space to be yourself. Simply.

The intention of the Sangha is to provide support, help us make change and ignite our insight. It is a space where we move together in our dedication to Truth, to Love, whatever we are doing; whether we are walking, sitting, eating, dancing or simply being. By donation. One Sunday a month, dates on schedule. 


:: We will sit together in meditation

:: We will spend time in silence and in communion

:: We will share from the heart, we will listen

:: We will be open and spontaneous. Maybe we will dance, sing, play music, go for a walk… whatever is called for in the moment and guided by our listening


:: You feel a resonance with gathering together in Truth

:: You can take full responsibility for yourself and your practice

:: You feel at ease with a structured practice environment as well as with open, unstructured times of relaxation and silence

:: You feel a longing for peace, for love, for truth, for freedom

:: You are willing, open-hearted and sincere in this longing