Sanctuary Woman - Yoga & Meditation Retreat, Byron Shire

Sep1520222:00 pmtoSep18202210:00 am

Map of Main Arm, New South Wales
Sacred Hearth Sanctuary, 19 Newells Road, Main Arm, New South Wales, 2482, Australia
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Thursday, 15 Sep 2022 toSunday, 18 Sep 2022
From $945
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To rest in our Feminine essence - free, wild, cyclical, flowing, natural, intuitive and loving.  Over the 4 days we give space for this discovery, deepen into the Ground of our Being, exploring sacred feminine practices to awaken and embody our Feminine essence. 

By coming together in this way, we awaken the power of Shakti (the creative feminine life force), opening, trusting & connecting deeply to the collective wisdom of woman, discovering what it is to be grounded deeply in Her... in our sexuality, sensuality and creativity, for our birth into pure passion, power, innocence and beauty.

‚ÄčA beautifully intimate space opens between the women in the group over the 4 days. We will touch everything from the shame to the deepest pleasure. It is a space of exploration for the women attending and you are deeply invited to venture out of the comfort-zone to touch those areas that are deeply sensitive to you.

In offering yourself this space, you will learn to receive yourself fully, connect with the different seasons of your cycle, your deep Feminine essence and radically transform your relationship with yourself and others. The circle welcomes all women, including pregnant women and babes in arms.

* No pre-requisite to attend this retreat

Included for From $945

Breakfast, lunch, dinner, accommodation, all classes

Schedule / Itinerary

a.m. Silence Yoga class Breakfast Seva (love in action) Lunch p.m. Free time Nature immersion Yoga Nidra / Meditation Fire ceremony Dinner Rest time