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Sunday, 28 Feb 2021 toSunday, 28 Feb 2021
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As women, we often lose ourselves in the roles of Mother, daughter, sister, leader, employee, friend…

In a mix of love, duty and devotion, we become entangled.

The lines that define where we end and the other begins become blurred.

The feelings & actions of others set us in motion to fix, improve & avoid problems.

We get tired.

We feel angry, resentful.

We go numb.

We crave space.

We feel guilty because we are being selfish.

Our personal responsibilities become defined by the needs of others and

we forget our responsibility to ourselves.

Join me for this very special One day retreat. 

An opportunity to remember who you are and how to take care of yourself.

This is not about “me time” to get a manicure, have a massage, eat a nice lunch & chat with girlfriends, (although these are very important) ...

This day is about remembering the universal truth of who you are and what nourishes your soul. 

This is about unplugging from what depletes you 

and reconnecting with a higher purpose which includes caring for others, but also caring for yourself.

For millennia, women have gathered in circles and connected in ways unique to the feminine. That’s why this day will unfold in a women’s circle including yoga, meditation, partner & group exercises, time in nature & movement practices.

You will find a renewed energy.

We will take inspiration from the wisdom rich stories of the Goddess Parvati & Mother Earth, Gaia.

Each practice, reminding you of your true purpose and how to fully embody the sacred feminine

in this human experience, making it more rich & meaningful.

What you can expect from the day:

  • Yoga;
  • Morning tea & coffee;
  • Moving Meditation;
  • Dharma talk (sharing of stories & ideas);
  • Discussion & integration practices;
  • Delicious Vegetarian lunch;
  • Nature walk (weather permitting);
  • Invocation ceremony.
  • Yoga Nidra

You will discover practices that you can use at home to decrease mental fatigue, increasing your energy and quietening your mind.

The investment for the day is $239 with 

an early bird price of $195 if you book & pay before November 1st.

There are strictly limited places as we continue with social distancing restrictions, so book early and save on your registration fee.

If you have questions, or special requirements, please don't hesitate to get in touch via an email through the link below.

Our online registration system is currently unavailable.

To register, please use the email link below & we will make alternative arrangements for payment.

Included for$229

Price includes morning tea/coffee, lunch;
yoga; meditation; all practices & exercises.
20% student discount applies

Schedule / Itinerary

Welcome to the Women's Circle Yoga & Meditation Morning Tea & coffee Dharma Talk (philosophy & ideas) Goddess Parvati & Mother Earth with discussion Delicious Vegetarian Lunch (special dietary requirements catered for) Group exercise involving movement, connection, discussion, reflection, invocation Afternoon tea Yoga Nidra (deep relaxation)