Find Your Zen - a 6 week meditation course

Jul2220217:30 pmtoAug2620219:00 pm

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Thursday, 22 Jul 2021 toThursday, 26 Aug 2021
350 early bird
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This course is a curation of 6 meditation techniques to reduce overwhelm, stress & tension, connecting with more peace, joy & calm. 

Improve the quality of your life experience & relationships.

During this meditation course, you will learn how to: 

  • Focus your mind & be present;
  • Create inner peace & calm;
  • Cultivate happiness & joy in the most trying of times;
  • Recognise the thoughts and feelings that create stress & imbalance;
  • Improve your relationships;
  • Experience more harmony & connection with your environment & everyone/everything in it.

Experience it for yourself...

Experience for yourself, the benefits of ancient practices, integrated with modern science at this dynamic 6 week, learn to meditate program. 

Just as no two people share the same beliefs, motivations and ways of thinking, not every meditation technique works for everyone. 

That's why you will be exposed to several techniques to find the one that enables you to activate the body's relaxation response. 

This is an integrated program in which you will practice each technique daily to discover what works best for you. 

This program is not for you if you are:

  • experiencing problems and are looking for a quick fix;
  • sceptical and cynical about trying new things;
  • are too busy and unable to devote time each day to the practices.. 

This program is for you if you are: 

  • experiencing stress, insomnia, irritation, 
  • having problems focusing;
  • both willing and able to invest the time to change;
  • finding it hard to relax, feeling distracted & impatient;
  • Open-minded and willing to give new things a try;
  • Willing to invest 5-20mins each day to implement the week's practice and discover its benefits.
  • Able to access the internet and a device to view and listen to the classes or attend in person. 

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Included for350 early bird

$350 early bird price for participants attending in person.
This includes:
* 6 weeks of tuition,
* journal,
* meditation beads, &
* weekly check in.

Schedule / Itinerary

During this 6 week meditation course you will learn to meditate through several techniques: * Breath focused meditation * Visualisation/nature meditation; * Body scan; * Chakra meditation; * Mantra meditation & use of Mala beads; * Loving kindness meditation. Each practice is unique and will resonate differently for the practitioner. Depending on where you are on your mindfulness journey, some practices will appeal more than others. These techniques are designed to: * Raise your personal awareness; * Enhance your ability to be present; * Build your capacity for "letting things go"; * Increase your connection to others; * Decrease your reactivity; * Slow the busy mind; * Activate the body's relaxation response.