8 Week Yoga Basics Course

Feb0520219:00 amtoMar26202110:15 am

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Nourish Yoga Meditation Retreats, 44 Forsyth Street, Killara, New South Wales, 2071, Australia
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Friday, 5 Feb 2021 toFriday, 26 Mar 2021
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Stamina, strength & flexibility are the qualities you can expect to experience for improving the health of your physical body & your mindset.

Benefits you can expect to experience:

* Decrease in physical & mental tension;

* Better posture both on & off the mat;

* Improved balance;

* Decreased back & neck pain;

* Increased flexibility;

* Connection with like minded people;

* Increased core strength.

Suitable for beginners or those seeking a comprehensive understanding of the basics to develop a safe & confident practice.

Included for$240

8 x 75min sessions

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Over an 8 week period you will discover: * What makes yoga different to stretching; * How to optimise the alignment of your hips, knees & ankles; * How to optimise the alignment of your lower back, spine & neck; * How to optimise the alignment of your shoulders, elbows & wrists; * The correct alignment for yoga's iconic standing & sitting postures; * How to use your breath to change your state of mind; * The yoga philosophy that supports wellness;  & so much more.