Navara Beginner's Classes- One Month Introductory Course


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Sunday, 28 Aug 2016 to Sunday, 18 Sep 2016
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On Friday the 29th August we will start a 1 month introductory course to the teachings of the Navara Mystical School.

During this month you will be gradually exposed to the Navara School doctrine as well the various spiritual practical teachings as given by Sri Guru Navara.

On Monday the 29th we will spend the first part of the evening introducing some of the basic Navara doctrine, followed by an hour of practical instruction into the first preliminary meditations.

On subsequent MONDAY evenings there will be opportunity to discuss further the theoretical components of the spiritual life in accordance with the teachings of Sri Guru Navara, recommended home study of various spiritual books and scriptures, as well as further practical teachings Including some from Hatha Yoga and Qigong as a conjunction to the meditation practices. 

It is recommended to attend as many classes as you can to get the full benefit of the instructions, but it is not mandatory to attend all.

After the 1 month introductory course, should you wish to remain for further and deeper initiatic teachings you are welcome to remain in the regular ongoing classes.

Cost to attend the weekly classes is $30/month membership & initiation fee, plus a minimal cost per class to cover studio rental fees introduced at a later date once you feel comfortable with the teachings and would wish to stay on as a part of the group.



Weekly classes will be conducted on Monday evenings from 6.30-9pm to support the continuation of learning and practice. It is highly recommended to attend these classes on top of at-home personal sadhana (spiritual practice). Some remote practices may also be scheduled for Sunday evenings for those who are available to attend on the day.

The studio is accessible through a locked door only, so please ensure your RSVP is up to date to indicate your attendance and to get details of the address.

Please visit the Navara website for more detailed information on the school;

I look forward to practicing with you all. May you be blessed!

Included for $30

Initiation fee, practical teachings, practical classes and regular ongoing spiritual support, including the monthly Navara newsletter