Introduction to Navara Preliminary Practice


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14 Ridge St, North Sydney, NSW, Australia
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Sunday, 22 Jun 2014
0415 553 089


We will meet for a discussion and practical session on the Navara preliminary practice.


TIME: 1.30pm-4pm


Here we will discuss for around an hour the underlying spiritual doctrine for the Navara school and have as an opportunity to ask any specific questions. The Instructor and older disciples will also be available to share personal experiences being taught and guided in their spiritual life and practice under the direct guidance of Sri Guru Navara.

Should students wish the remaining time in the workshop will be dedicated to learning the foundational practices which will later be built upon with deeper and more intitiatic practices.

Cost for the informational session is free. Entrance to the practical component requires a $30/month membership and initiation fee, plus a minimal cost per class to cover studio and rental fees.

Twice weekly classes will be conducted on Wednesdays and Sundays to support the continuation of learning and practice. It is highly recommended to attend these classes on top of at-home personal sadhana (spiritual practice).

The studio is accessible through a locked door only, so please ensure you contact me before attending the workshop so that I know you will be coming and I am able to let you in.

Please visit the Navara website for more detailed information on the school;


I look forward to seeing you there. May you be blessed!



(Navara Instructor- Sydney)