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Tuesday, 19 May 2015
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Rejuvenation Sound Healing Experience :: New Moon in Taurus

As we celebrate the Earth Element of the New Moon in Taurus, we can direct our focus towards the people of Nepal who are living through the devastation of two major earthquakes in as many weeks.


Specifically to help the farmers, oil distillers and people living in remote areas of Nepal.

Farida Irani from Subtle Energies is organising fund raising to directly help the Nepalese people who supply the raw materials for her Ayurvedic Aromatherapy products and whose lives have been devastated by the recent earthquake.

Here is a letter from her contact in Nepal:

"...the areas where our partners were collecting Wintergreen got hit pretty badly. Almost 95% of the dwelling has been gone. The people that I am currently helping are all those that were victimized by the quake and those who lost their homes.
I have gathered locals here in my area to help out these people in need. We can manage the supplies but these people need money to rebuild homes and recuperate their losses. The women are the ones who need special help as some of them lost their husbands - the bread earners for the family.
In the due course of getting donations and aid from people, I myself have been proactive in raising and collecting funds as you can’t really trust any specific governmental/non-governmental agency as to how the funds are being allocated. If you are thinking of donating some money, please have it under the name of our company which will give you an idea of where your funds are being spent and how each of these victims are getting the help they need. Your support will mean a lot to us.
Thanks for keeping us in your thoughts. Really, it means a lot to us in this devastated situation of the country.

We are currently in the planning phase of our initiative on this cause; there has been an initial emergency response but if you take the death toll, it is actually a 30%/70% split between the capital and other parts of the nation. So our target is to reach the people in the more rustic areas of the country where help hasn’t reached.

These of course include some of our farmers who literally lived on their daily wages and seeing them lose their only belonging – a shelter they used to call their “home” is heart-wrenching.

Our plan is to provide these people relief by rebuilding huts for them, facilitating proper medical aid in these areas that take 7 days to reach at the least, and help them get back to their “normal day-to-day lives” even though we know that we can’t level it with the loss they’ve had to bear in this disaster. Once we’re on board with the development and implementation phase, I will post photos and human stories where you will see how your little help went a long way in bringing a positive impact on each of these peoples’ lives.

We appreciate all the help you’ve extended from the other side of the world.

With the deepest appreciation, Kailash"

I will transfer the money collected directly to Farida who will deposit into the account of Kailish, thereby facilitating a quick response and directly helping those affected.

Please see other listing for information about the New Moon Rejuvenation Sound Healing on 20 May

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