Full Moon Rejuvenation Sound Healing


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Wednesday, 8 Oct 2014
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Rejuvenation Sound Experience :: Full Moon in Aries
Blood Moon* Lunar Eclipse

Courage is the aim of Aries:

now is the time to be daring to develop courage in our relationships
so that we can be truthful and stop hiding our Authentic Self.

Be bold, take emotional risks, make an independent stand and believe in yourself.

Meditating at the time of a full moon can help you look within, centre yourself
and calm personal inner conflicts.
Full moons are about completion, change, releasing, and cleansing.
With the addition of a lunar eclipse on this day you get a powerful time
of transition and changing habitual programming.

pranayama : deep relaxation : sound healing

A deeply Rejuvenative experience with Sacred Gong and Tibetan Singing Bowls.

Surrender to the sublime sounds of sacred Gong and Tibetan bowls :
Let your body be recalibrated, your emotions balanced and your mind cleared
with this powerful sound healing experience.

Create inner stillness and outer calm with pranayam, deep relaxation and sound healing.

Perfect for releasing tension and improving clarity of mind, emotions and body.

Absolutely no experience needed to benefit from this calm and healing practice.

Bring a light shawl to cover yourself with and be prepared for complete lightness of being...


The gong is a sacred instrument whose sounds the body cannot resist.
It works on all levels to heal and transform.

The sound of the gong stimulates the parasympathetic nervous system (rest and digest function),
clears the mind, balances emotions, strengthens nerves, boosts the glandular system,
restores energy while creating deep relaxation.

We prepare for total relaxation with gentle exercises and pranayam (breathing)
before being bathed in sound and vibration.

A great way to manage stress and release any tensions of the day.


For those seeking deep relaxation, relief from anxiety and release of tension
come to the Sound Healing Rejuvenation experience held every fortnight
on Wednesday nights nearest to the New and Full Moons
in the beautiful historic church hall at Erskineville Village - Newtown
from 7.00-8.00pm 


*tonight the full moon is expected to be bathed in a bright orange-red glow
Perfect timing to complete your Full Moon experience!
In Sydney the event will begin at 8:15pm, with the visible effects lasting for over 3 hours, the Moon will appear completely red during the phase of the total eclipse between 9:25pm and 10.25pm Sydney time.


Included for $18

 $18 casual

(or part of 6 or 8 class pass)