Full Moon Meditation


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55 Erskineville Road, cnr Rochford Street, Erskineville, NSW, 2043, Australia
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Monday, 21 Oct 2013
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0410 289 519


Continuing in the fabulous Full Moon energy, the next Moon Meditation Monday at Erskineville will celebrate the fabulous Full Moon in Aries.

On this Full Moon Monday we will be doing a powerful moon kriya to bring clarity and realism, boosting energy and eliminating fatigue, followed by an ancient meditation to balance Sun and Moon energies.

At the Full Moon, the Sun’s radiance is strongest.
We receive this light reflected both from the earth and from the moon to the earth. Since light is consciousness, it is when we have access to the greatest consciousness.


Then join us on Monday 21 October at 8.00pm for restorative breathwork, deep relaxation and meditation with mantra and sound to celebrate the October Full Moon.


Monday is ruled by the Moon which represents dreams, imagination, intuition, relationships, women and public life. This is the best time to improve your feelings and behaviour and uplift your life circumstances.

Come to rest in your inner calm and experience your own radiance on these special Moon Meditation Monday events on selected New and Full Moons:

Full Moon : Oct 21
New Moon : Nov 4
Full Moon : Nov 18
New Moon : Dec 2
Full Moon : Dec 16

Moon Meditations will be held after the regular Monday evening Kundalini Yoga & Meditation class
at Erskineville 8.00 - 9.00pm
in the White Parish Hall through wooden gate,
55 Erskineville Rd, cnr Rochford St

Cost is $15

Open to everyone

Wear loose fitting cotton clothes, bring mat and light blanket to stay comfortable and cozy during deep relaxation, water to keep hydrated ... and just go with the flow!

Included for $15

$15 per casual class

or as part of 6 class pass for $88