Learn To Love Yourself (really!) - A One Day Retreat For Teens

Apr17202012:00 amtoApr17202012:00 am


Join Kathy from Kinkou Yoga and Em from FreedOM Yoga for a day filled with techniques and tools to help you love yourself, your body and your mind, and of course lots of laughter and new friendships.

We'll be diving into the world of body and self-image and learning a range of different skills and techniques to help you find sanction within yourself when loving yourself gets hard. We'll learn how to cultivate a more loving relationship with ourselves and our body, find new ways to honor ourselves and how to treat ourselves and each other with compassion.

who should come?

Any young girl between the age of 13 and 18!! We believe that this event, and the topics covered throughout the day will be relevant and useful for anyone and everyone! We will be covering topics of body image, self-love, and self-worth throughout the day so we encourage that everyone is comfortable with learning about these areas.

Included for$90 ($75 Early Bird before 1 March 2020)

All Activities
Nutritious & Delicious Lunch and Snacks
Beautifully hand-made journal to take home
Your very own (made by you) mandala stone

Schedule / Itinerary

the program... We will start the day at 10 am with an opening circle and a one hour BODY LOVE Yoga practice where we will get to know each other a little better, make sure that everyone feels safe and comfortable with one another and find sanction within yourself as we flow through a range of different movements, asanas, breathing and relaxation techniques that you will be able to take with you throughout each day!! After a short break, we'll dive into a workshop on body image and the 4 vital components of adolescence followed by a session exploring the importance of expressing yourself and journaling techniques. A beautiful, nourishing and yummy lunch will be provided with many options for different dietary requirements - just let us know what you need and we'll sort it out for you! With full bellies, we'll grab some pens, paint, rocks, leaves and/ or paper and get creative as we do some mandala drawing and art therapy followed by a make-your-own skincare workshop as we look at the importance of rituals and honoring our bodies through self-care practices. (Don't worry parents, no crazy expensive skincare products are going to be sold - all cheap, natural ingredients that will be provided by us!) To close the day we'll do a healing relaxation practice called Yoga Nidra and a closing circle before saying our goodbyes at 4 pm.