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3 Shumack St, Weetangera, ACT, 2614, Australia
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Thursday, 13 Oct 2016 to Thursday, 15 Dec 2016
9am - 11am
0435 930 514


Become a regular and effective, self-sustaining meditator in just ten weeks!

Learn how to overcome obstacles to, and develop skills for, a regular meditation practice that best suits your needs, personality and lifestyle.

This ground-breaking 10 week course doesn’t just teach you how to meditate…

It teaches you skills on how to overcome all of the obstacles stopping you from meditating regularly, or even starting to meditate at all.

It also teaches you which forms of meditation are best suited to your personality, lifestyle, numerology, astrology and needs.

You learn how to best prepare your particular body and mind for meditation.

It dispels all the myths about meditation, and gives you a clear understanding of what constitutes a successful meditation.

And of course, you also learn many different meditation techniques, and get weekly recordings of meditations sent out to you.

But best of all, it makes meditation FUN and REALLY EASY!

In this 20hr course, we will cover:

*      What are the benefits of mediation?

*      What’s stopping me from meditating and how do I overcome this?

*      Which is the best type of preparation and meditation for my particular Numerological and Astrological charts?

*      How to sit during mediation.

*      What constitutes a “successful” mediation?

*      Pranayam (breathing techniques) – 6 different breathing techniques to help calm and prepare the body and mind for meditation

*      Dru yoga asanas (postures) to help calm and prepare the body and mind for meditation

*      How to cleanse, clear and protect yourself and the room in preparation for meditation

*      Breathing meditations

*      Mini meditations and mindfulness in nature for busy people

*      Moving meditations (meditation with repetitive and simple Dru Yoga movements)

*      Mantra (chanting) using simple affirmations and sounds with mala, to assist with meditation

*      Mudra (hand and body gestures) that help clear negative energies, and help to calm and prepare the body and mind for meditation, and assist you during meditation

*      Body Consciousness

*      Geometric Designs (Yantra) to meditate on

*      Visualisations and guided meditations

*      Tratak – the beautiful candle gazing meditation

*      Using Crystals before, during and after meditation



All 10 sessions (20hrs in total) are held over 10 consecutive Fridays in Term 4 2016. 9am – 11am.

And if you miss a session, you will be able to make it up in term 1 2017.

You can also join the group as late as session 3, and make up what you missed in 2017.

Session Dates:

Session 1: 14th Oct

Session 2: 21st Oct

Session 3: 28th Oct

Session 4: 4th Nov

Session 5: 11th Nov

Session 6: 18th Nov

Session 7: 25th Nov

Session 8: 2nd Dec

Session 9: 9th Dec

Session 10: 16th Dec


Kylie’s Home Yoga Studio,

3 Shumack st. Weetangera

How much?

$200 pp

Bookings are essential as there are limited spaces.

Bookings and payments can be made here

Your payment will need to be made to secure your booking. If you’re unable to use PayPal, then contact Kylie to arrange an alternative payment method (EFTPOS, Direct Deposit or cash).

I look forward to seeing you there!