Whole Body Roller Workshop


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15 Elizabeth St, Artarmon, NSW, 2064, Australia
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Saturday, 17 Sep 2016
0415 122 030


Have a Foam Roller at home and have no idea what to do with it other than roll on your quads?

This workshop will give you lots of tools to play with as we work from the Toes to the Head in a full body Fascia Release... the Fascia is the complex connective tissue that covers out entire body and is what is being released in Deep Tissue Massage.

If you have a roller at home please feel free to bring it along, or pre purchase a Core Fascia Rolller (as pictured) that are extra firm and travel size so you can take them everywhere with you... the rollers are usually $75 but will be discounted when purchased with the workshop to $65.
There will also be ones to use on the day so if you don't have one at home and arn't sure you'll love it yet then just come along and try it... you will be hooked straight away.

Sunday 18th September 
Cost $30 per person
$95 with the roller

*if you are attending the Animal Flow Sydney workshop as well you will recieve a ruther $5 off

Any questions please let me know on info@forever-evolving.com.au or 0415122030