Monthly Yin Yoga Workshop- Liver Session


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Yoga Pavilion, 15 Elizabeth St, Artarmon, New South Wales, 2064, Australia
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Saturday, 20 Jun 2015 to Saturday, 20 Jun 2015
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The Liver is the largest gland in the body, it is a major storage site for vitamins A, D, K and B, and glylycogen.
Liver Chi imbalances are linked to paralysis, arthritis, cramping, muscular weakness or stiffness, fatigue, vertigo and dizziness.
The Taoists thought healthy liver chi so central to our overall well-being they nicknamed it 'the general of the army'. It governs the healthy flow of energy and is related to the element of wood like a rooted tree.

In this monthly two-hour workshop we will practice different sequences of postures for the meridians, deeply focusing on the bigger, tighter joints in the body to unblock energetic and physical tightness. Every month we will learn more about how we can use our Yoga Practice as medicine.

In Yin Yoga we are letting go of muscles using gravity and our body weight to drop into the joints, letting our joints move their full range of motion. This is particularly good for tight bodies, active bodies and injured bodies.
It involves finding stillness in your body and learning to just sit with the strong sensations so that you can move deeper into the postures.

This style of Yoga compliments our Yang practices, whether that is Vinyasa Yoga, running, cycling, gym sessions... whatever you do to sweat and move your body. Yin Yoga brings balance to our everyday lives. Sometimes we just need to be still and be present. This is the time.

Date: Sunday 21st June and last Sunday of every month
Time: 4-6pm
Venue: Yoga Pavilion in Artarmon
15 Elizabeth Street, Artarmon NSW

Cost: $35 per person (pre paid)
$40 on the door
Booking required as space limited.
Payments made to:
Forever Evolving Yoga 
BSB 012266
Acc 189937314