Breathe Deeply Yin Workshop


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15 Elizabeth St, Artarmon, NSW, 2064, Australia
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Saturday, 23 Jul 2016 to Saturday, 23 Jul 2016
0415 122 030


This month we will be working on the Lung Meridian- and opening the chest and shoulders as well as some deep side stretches to soften into the trunk. This month will be particually good for everybody! people with tight shoulders, desk workers, and pretty much everyone inbetween- shoulders tightness can affect our breath capacity and movement of fresh oxygenated blood around the body amongst many other things. 

We start with Pranyama (breathing) and move through the poses then finish with a long deep Yoga Nidra (guided relaxation/meditation)- The best way to finish off the weekend!

Yin Yoga blends the 2 ancient practices of Chinese Medicine Meridian systems and Ayrvedic Medicine Yoga Asana (poses) which work together to open and removing blockages both in the body physically and energetically.
The poses area all passive and floor based and will be held usually between 3-10mins to work into the joints and the deeper harder tissues in the body. This allows for better circulation to these harder tissues and brings the joints to their full range of motion over time without heat and without force... just allowing the bodyweight to drop deeper into the targeted areas to create space and release tense tighter areas of the body.

This is a great complimentary practice to a vinyasa (yang) yoga practice and for people who run, cycle, gym goers/weight lifters or do high intensity excersise as well as stiff bodies and desk sitters. Anyone looking to release some tighter areas and move deeply into the joints and bigger muscles.

These workshops are run monthly targeting different meridian pairs and areas of the body.
Early-bird cost: $40 per person 
Drop-in: $45 per person
Special deal: 10% off each if you are booking with a friend

Places are limited to 16 people so please book online via the link below to secure your spot ASAP
Contact Vicky with any questions 0415122030