Lasya Tandava - A Prana Vinyasa Yoga Workshop With Delamay Devi

Nov11201712:00 am

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144 Jonson Street, Byron Bay, New South Wales, 2481, Australia
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Saturday, 11 Nov 2017


You are invited to join Delamay at Ananta Yoga in Byron Bay for a special Prana Vinyasa workshop!

Experience a beautiful oscillation between Lasya and Tandava as we fine-tune the balance of softness and power in our practice. Lasya represents the softer aspects of existence such the sacred feminine, the sunsets, dark moon phases, our exhalation and yoga poses that restore and nurture the nervous system. Tandava represents the more dynamic aspects of existence such as the divine masculine, sun rises, full moon phases, our inhalation and yoga poses which ignite and fuel our inner fire.

Tapping into the different pathways of Lasya and Tandava, Delamay will guide you through a well-rounded practice incorporating a full spectrum of asanas dedicated to bringing equilibrium to your entire being. We will be using the Prana Flow methodology of Pulsing, Body and Rhythmic Vinyasas to cultivate and enhance a deeper awareness of this polarity within our yoga practice, which will also include wave sequencing, movement meditation, pranayama, mudra and self-enquiry.

During the workshop you will be introduced to a very insightful Vinyasa method inspired by the solar and lunar expressions of embodiment, develop an understanding of how to fine tune and align your yoga practice to suit your energetic body and learn the meaning of krama or different stages of evolution within asana based on the building blocks of Vinyasa.

This workshop is suitable for all yoga lovers and will leave you feeling balanced, whole and inspired!

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11am - 2pm