The Spring Equinox Session


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Saturday, 17 Sep 2016
Session fees: $45 prepaid by : Sept 11 (Bellingen) after that dates: $52 prepaid | $60 at the door


Spring – the time of get up and do, the season of activity.  

Spring Equinox brings us a period of equal day and night, a balance of inner and outer, where we can reach back and simultaneously see forward from our well poised moment of stillness. Moving with the wheel of the seasons, we find our our energy flow and the direction of our psyche flowing outwards once again; taking with it the riches of our spirit, honed over the winter, so that we may bring them out into the world. We are a part of our natural world and as without, so within, as within, so without.
This Spring Equinox captures the moment of the leap – the moment where we take a breath before diving back into the waters of life, refreshed from our winters rest. In this moment we gather our energies, summon our inner strengths, all that we will need for the period of growth and creativity that we are entering, bringing our renewed spirit into the world at large. Reconnected with ourselves, we now venture forth to reconnect with those around us, to share and enjoy the spring of life.
In our practice we will connect with the Spring energies in our lives and embody them in our being – unlocking our energy stores, entering the spring flow and opening inner doors to honour ourselves, our spirit, our life, our world. Through our practice of yoga, meditation and healing breath techniques we will tune into the natural rhythms and energy of spring, to awaken our personal healing capacity and equip ourselves with the strength to meet the world and our true selves in the joy and bounty of life.

The Spring Equinox Session 

awaken – clear – energise 

A seasonal session in the form of an offering, an honouring of the natural cycles of life presenting an opportunity to tap into your innate drive and ability to self heal in a way that is in tune with life itself.  

Awaken from the deep slumber of winters rest

Clear away the stagnation, detoxify, unburden

Gather inner resources and Energise for the next phase of life

Let the rabbit out of the hat of your life, wake from the sleep of winter and cheep your way forward, bounding toward bright new horizons – Spring Equinox, the moment of perfect poise inside and out.

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Session fees: $45 prepaid by : Sept 11 (Bellingen)
after that dates: $52 prepaid | $60 at the door  

Are you attending weekly classes with us?? Great! Then you get $5 off your Spring Equinox class, yay for that!