The Feminine Principle


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40 Gainsborough St, Moorooka, QLD, 4105, Australia
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Friday, 29 Jul 2016
$55 prepaid by 22/7, after that $62 prepaid, $70 on the day


the feminine – an evocation
an invocation. 
innovation. inspiration
the embodiment – a call to arms
to the embracing and vibrating of heart centred action
in trust love and compassion. together.

she who will be; 
who will no longer be 
suppressed repressed 
….. more inspiration here

Freedom over form, flow, fluidity, spirals, creativity, receptivity, nourishment, the pulse of life.

Explore the cyclical forms of the Feminine Principle, find the spirals of life in body and being to tune into the deep feminine aspects of your human nature – intuition, trust, the force of fluidity, the power of inner connection and the true strength of adaptability.

This session is open to men and women – its not about gender, this is about the feminine principal in all of life that has been overlooked, forgotten, but is a great source of inner strength and direction for a nourished, soul life that supports you, your loved ones and the world at large. 

Spirals, inner pulses, the still quiet voice of your soul – this is where we will be going, moving Her way, allowing ourselves to be led.

Through yoga, meditation, voice, breath, chant, inspiration and intuition, we will explore and embody the rhythms pulses cycles and ways of the feminine force in each of us and in life.

Bookings & Q’s: email

Session Fee: $55     prepaid by 22 July

after 22/7:    $62 prepaid   |    $70 on the day

Bring:  Water, Yoga Mat & blanket/cushion. Layers to stay warm in relaxation & meditation.