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Thursday, 28 Jul 2016
$50 earlybird rate prepaid by 22/7 | $57 prepaid or $65 on the night


Life began with your first breath, and the quality of that breath has been the foundation of your life ever since. The background pattern, the program running in the background keeping you at a certain rhythm, on a certain track. And yet, as life moves, you change and grow, that same pattern may no longer serve you, it may no longer support you in the way it initially did, perhaps it is time to change. Perhaps you have been struggling to shift and not quite pulling it off, or dropping back after a period, back to the same old same old…

Perhaps you simply know its time for an internal upgrade.

In this session we will rebirth to reset our breathing patterns, to reset the background patterns in our life.

Yes, more clearing away – we need regular rebooting just like our computers do, or we too get sluggish, tired and things begin to go awry…. 

After our Rebirthing, to help set those new good vibes in, to carry them forward with us in the best way possible, we will also have a good old chant, immersing ourselves in some mantra medicine to further soothe the deepest corners of your heart and soul and bring the renewed you into the world.

I can’t tell you enough the power and importance of rebirthing; having recently seen three very different rooms full of people completely transformed, blasted through layers and layers of  their stuff through their breath, I am impassioned to share this with you in Brisbane again.

You too can transform through simply the power of your breath, all you need to do is breathe an honest breath and be willing, willing to let go, willing to open, willing to change int he ways you heart and soul are yearning for…. and then the healing can be yours. I look forward to helping you along the way.

Session Fee:   $50 prepaid by 22nd July

After 22/7:    $57 prepaid  |  $65 on the night