get with the rhythm - your heart rhythm - get happy
get with the rhythm - your heart rhythm - get happy


Map of Moorooka, Queensland
Moorooka Community Hall, 40 Gainsborough Street, Moorooka, Queensland, 4105, Australia
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Saturday, 27 Feb 2016
$75 | $65 earlybird - booked and paid by Feb 12
0422963207 | 02 6655 2463


Be in the good vibes of your heart, and let your heart, the rhythm of your soul, be the rhythym of your life.
emotional healing | sound healing | balance  

Heart VIBES : Heal your Heart - From love to grief and back again (TCM organ - the heart),     with Nat & Brie

A transformative session of total immersion in body-mind awareness to uplift you in the moment, take you on a path of long term healing, growth and self-understanding; and provide you with key tools to better handle life 'as it com

Good Vibes - where Chinese Medicine, Neuroscience, Yoga, Meditation and the transformative power of chanting all come together to help you heal your emotions, to heal your life, and restore from a vibrational level. 

Vibration is everything; your heart the centre. 

In this evening session we will sing, chant and vibrate our hearts into balance and harmony, along with every cell in your body for healing and joy. It's your personal heart & soul reboot, taking from love to grief (the shadow emotion of the heart) and back again.

For when your heart has the strongest, clearest, coherent rhythm, it is the rhythm of your heart that sets the beat for your being, and the song of your life - everything falls into the rhythm of your heart.

Building coherence and resilience are the number one way to counter stress, disharmony and poor health; and it come from your heart.
Over this evening we will tap into eastern medical philosophy, yogic principles, chanting and meditation and blend them together; exploring and healing the many layers of you in a synergystic way - and that is where the magic of this workshop lies - in the synergy, which creates harmony, the foundation for healing.

You will also:
- learn powerful ways to shift your mind and emotions 
- learn about the true role of your heart - its not a pump!
- gain tools (experience and knowledge) that enable you to create increased clarity of mind, calmer emotions, & increased wellbeing
- understand and experience how to get out of commotion and locked emotions, enabling you to live from your heart more freely and confidently. 

Most importantly, together we will sing our hearts wide open, chant your heart's vibration clear, and get into feeling good :)

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Cost: $75 | $65 EARLYBIRD
-earlybird booked and paid by Feb 12

Let the rhythm of your heart be the rhythm of your life, build coherence, resilience and deep connection within and without.