::: reNEW You ::: Rebirthing Breathwork for the New Year


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Saturday, 12 Jan 2019


::: reNEW You ::: Rebirthing for the New Year

Saturday 12 January 2019
2-5pm | Tarragindi


New Year. New You?
same old same old? How are you going to play it in 2019??

ReNew like you really mean it.

Reset your body and mind with a new conscious breath pattern go beyond your usual, and set the stage to real-ise your new year in new ways.

What is it??
ReNEW is a three hour session exploring and practising Rebirthing (conscious connected) Breathwork - a simple yet powerful technique that can literally:

- rewire your brain (neuroplasticity in action)
- reboot your body (like an energetic ‘service’)
- re-pattern your habits (get started leaving the old for good)

Conscious connected Breathwork is also known as Rebirthing.

In this practise we consider that the quality of our first breath sets a pattern for our life experience, and that through shifting our breathing patterns we can release a lifetime of habitual ways of being and doing.

I am talking about those thoughts, beliefs, fears and habits that keep us stuck, that hold us back, and that we often simply think of as being ‘our lot in life’ or perhaps ‘our karma’.

and.. your history is not your destiny - at least it doesn't have to be when you have Rebirthing/Conscious Connected Breathwork as a go to tool.

Join me in January and learn:
- about the connected breath, its power and practice
- an easy and powerful tool for self discovery and self healing, - a way you can liberate yourself into new patterns of breathing and being
- perfect for the new year.

RENEW you. Free your Self.

Come away from this session refreshed in body mind and spirit, and experience your breath as the incredible resource that it is for self healing, rejuvenation and relaxation.

This session is perfect for those interested in personal growth and self healing as well as people who works as healers and teachers.
The practice helps clear your energetic, emotional and mental fields so that you can live and hold space with greater strength, clarity and confidence.

Suitable for all levels - all you need is curiosity!


LOCATION: Juma Health & Yoga | Windmill St, Tarragindi

see website for February event.