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Medny Nerolic Yoga & Psychology, 59 Hardgrave Road, West End, Queensland, 4101, Australia
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Saturday, 9 Feb 2019
$80 early bird


::: GROUND your BREATH :::

Sat Feb 9th 2019 | 2-5pm, West End

$80 earlybird (until Jan 26)


GROUND YOUR BREATH is a three hour session of Rebirthing Breathwork and gentle movement designed to ground you into your body and restore a natural breath pattern for your health, vitality and teh experience of the inner peace that is your true nature.

ask yourself this: where are you??
in your body?? lost in thoughts?? busy??

For many of us, our body is the last place we ‘are’ or want to be. Still and ‘peace’ are pipe dreams.

If you can't feel at home in your body, if you can't breath a true, natural breath, it’s very difficult to feel at home let alone at peace in some way.

Join us for this morning session and learn safe ways to come into your body (this session is trauma sensitive) and work with the simple magic of your own breath for personal discovery and wellbeing.

Get ready to dip into your own personal well-spring of peace, and a deeper sense of who you are.

Come away from this session refreshed in body mind and spirit:

- more connected to your body (one of the first places we often disconnect from), and re-connected to your precious, life giving breath.

- experience your breath as the incredible resource that it is for self healing, rejuvenation, relaxation and personal growth (yes!).

- exploore how the quality of your breath impacts the quality and nature of the life you are living, beginning to unravel unnatural patterns that were laid down at the moment of your first breath, and have been driving your actions ever since.

You will leave this session revitalised, connected and feeling more at peace with yourself having released (perhaps lifetimes!) of tension and stress through teh simple practice of engaging consciously with your body & breath.

You wouldn’t be here without them - consciously connecting your breath, going beyond your habits of breathing opens you and your body to new ways of breathing, new ways of thinking and acting, new levels of health and vitality, and new potentials for living.

This gift to yourself will transform your capacity to be You, deeper and free-er than ever.

Suitable for all levels - all you need is curiosity!

LOCATION: 2/59 Hardgrave Road | Mendy Nerolic Psychology& Yoga

Session Fee: $95 / $80 earlybird until Jan 26th