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Sunday, 17 Mar 2019
$115 earlybird until March 1st


The Wisdom and Wellness Session that gives you the knowledge and support that you need to:


- make informed health choices, moving beyond overwhelm and denial

- cut through the minefield of health fads, BS and pills that either don’t deliver or create new issues

- learn ways to support your body in being as healthy as it can be, starting with your Gut/ GIT

- get your mind & nervous system aligned with your goals - get past your inner saboteur

[ all disease begins in the gut. and so does your health. ]



Join Dr Natalie Fitzpatrick (Acu) & Briellen McAlpine for a morning devoted to you, your guts, your health and the relationships between them.

This empowering session will include the latest knowledge and ancient wisdom - delivered expertly by Natalie.
Dr Natalie has extensive studies in Food as Medicine, Functional Medicine, Nutritional Medicine, as well 30 years as an acupucnturist - all of which will be drawn on to give you the best information.

A dynamic speaker and educator, Natalie will take you into the function, purpose and ways of your gut - how it should be working, why its probably not doing as well as it should be (or worse if you are already suffering thigns like anxiety, depression, chrohns, IBS/IBD, diabetes, metabilic syndrome, autoimmune & chronic health issues... the list goes on...)

To support this wisdom, Brie brings 20 years of yoga, meditation breathwork, trauma studies and healing practice to the mix. She will be sharing easy techniques (we will be practising prana yoga & meditation amongst other techniques) to begin the task of resetting your digestive system; including the background systems such as your nervous and endocrine systems so that the changes you make will have a chance to actually have an impact.

Some of the big challenges in meeting our health needs for our bodies, is that our bodies are in no state to absorb the nutrients we might be ingesting, our stress levels are too high to enable us to make good choices (you literally can't see properlty when you are stressed!), and our nervous systems have us in hormonal mess. So these practices will be addressing these issues, and giving you simple tools that you can easily use - and share - in daily life.

Brie is a dynamic speaker and educator in her own right - together they are often referred to as 'the dynamic duo' - get ready to be informed and inspired on every level.

We will spend time talking about 'taboo' topics like poo, and you can rest assured that boring is definitely not going to cross your mind!


This session is perfect for you if you are struggling with health and gut issues:

bloating, IBS, leaky gut,
food mal-absorption / allergies, autoimmune conditions,
poor immunity,
cancer, joint disease,
skin issues,
mental and emotional challenges like anxiety, depression, brain fog...etc


In fact good health and good moods begin with your gut, and in today’s environment, we all benefit from enhancing our digestive health to be in our best health.



- 4 hours immersed in the latest on Gut Health - no fads, no gimmicks, real information and techniques that really work, and when to use them

- prana yoga, meditation, breathwork and other healing practices to get your body healing itself and make sure you leave the day feeling good

- body awareness practices - being aware of your body is one of the most powerful things you can do for your health

- comprehensive handouts so you have the information you need at hand, to bring it into your life

- yoga practice notes and a recorded meditation/yoga nidra practice so you can keep building a healthier body at home



Booking and prepayment required

$115 EARLYBIRD until 1st March | $145 on the day