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Saturday, 29 Oct 2016 to Saturday, 29 Oct 2016
$60 per couple
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Pregnancy can be a time of change, challenge and re-evaluation in a woman's life but also in the life of her partner. Couples observe the bodily changes women experience during pregnancy; they monitor the development of their growing baby; they face new challenges and they look forward to the expansion of their family that will come with their baby's birth. Pregancy, childbirth and prospective parenthood natuarally impact on couple's daily lives, priorities and ways of relating to each other. It can be a truly transformative time in a couple's relationship.

Prenatal Yoga for Couples is a workshop suitable for both beginner and experienced yoga students. A fun, relaxing class facilitated by pre-natal teacher Vanessa Krivickas and her husband Darren Twining, and followed by afternoon tea and an opportunity to meet and chat with other prospective parents.

In the class couples will explore partnered yoga practices to help them:
~ come to a shared understanding of the bodily changes women experience during pregnancy
~ maintain strength and flexibility in their bodies
practice breathing and moving together - powerful tools during labour and childbirth
~ relax and de-stress
~ connect with their developing baby
~ get ready to welcome their baby into the world.

Please register one person per couple - and pay the one price, $60, for the couple. We will grab the details of the other half of the couple on the day.

Couples may be defined to include support people who are not the baby's other parent as well.

Included for $60 per couple

Fully equipped studio
Notes available

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