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Wednesday, 3 Feb 2016 to Wednesday, 13 Apr 2016
(08) 7220 4978



Playroom Yoga is a Boundless Yoga class especially for parents of small children - your babies and pre-schoolers are welcome to attend with you!

In class we work on:


  • giving you a good all over stretch,

  • strengthening your core, back and shoulders

  • improving your posture and breathing

  • and building your ability to stay centred despite the distraction of your child being present while you practice.


What your children do during the class varies, but regardless of this, throughout they will be exposed to your great role-modelling of how to take care of yourself.


Little ones who are not yet mobile might sleep or watch from a pram or lie on your mat with you while you practice. They can get a treat of you doing some baby yoga poses with them and no one is concerned if they are noisy or cranky during class – we have all been there.


If they are older they may choose practice their independent play skills (a very useful skill to encourage them to develop) by playing with the toys I bring along to share. They may also at times choose to watch and copy or they may like to “help” you or do some fun partner yoga poses with you.


Schedule / Itinerary

Classes run during school term times.

50-60mins in duration.