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Saturday, 21 May 2016
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Partnered Yoga is not about fancy acrobatics. Teaming up with a partner for a yoga practice is an opportunity to combine your abilities and experience with those of someone else for a different, and hopefully also fun, experience of your practice.

Receiving assistance might enable you to explore new poses, but to also practice old familiar poses in different ways, accessing new sensations of steadiness and ease. Offering assistance to someone else can help you clarify what it is about your experience of a pose that is enjoyable, difficult, helpful or challenging. Joining strengths and working together is perfect for asana practice. Sometimes we all need to reach out for help – and we can practice doing this quite literally through partnered yoga.

Bring along your husband, wife, sister, brother, friend, cousin, mum, dad, son or daughter or team up with a new friend when you arrive – we’ll make sure everyone gets to work with someone. Partnered yoga poses involve contact mostly just between hands, feet and backs.