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Yoga Spirit Studios, 194 Henley Beach Road, Torrensville, South Australia, 5031, Australia
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Tuesday, 23 Aug 2016 to Tuesday, 27 Sep 2016
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Letting go of the stresses of everyday life is a challenge. But mindful movement and restorative yoga poses can offer an antidote. The Mindful Movement and Restorative Yoga course will help you learn how to use:
  • reclined stretches
  • gentle flowing breath and movement sequences
  • restorative yoga poses using props such as bolsters and blankets.
The body and breath exist only in the present moment. So connecting the mind with the body and the breath through relaxed stretching and flowing movement brings us more fully into the present moment. From this place we can cultivate a quieter mind, release tension and allow the breath to flow with ease. This is the space we need to inhabit to learn restorative yoga poses. Poses where we use various props such as blankets and bolsters in a mindful and considered way to support the body so that we can allow the props to do the work of the pose for us.
In this place we can enjoy the benefits of the “relaxation response”; where our parasympathetic nervous system rebalances us and reduces stress by lowering our resting heart rate and blood pressure, facilitating digestion, releasing hormones that promote sleep and strengthening the immune system.
Such deep states of mindfulness and relaxation lead us to feel truly rejuvenated and able to live the rest of our busy lives well, in good health and with grace and contentment.

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6 weeks X 1.5 hrs per week