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Yoga Spirit Studios, 194 Henley Beach Road, Torrensville, South Australia, 5031, Australia
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Friday, 16 Sep 2016
$20 per baby
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(08) 7220 4978


The word “yoga” means to “unite” – the body with the breath; the mind with the heart; and best of all Parents with Babies!


This special session is an opportunity for parents and their babies to experiment together with a variety of yoga poses and practices. The focus will be on you working with your baby to learn more about their unique personality - their likes and their dislikes; what they find stimulating, interesting and distracting; what is exciting for them and what is calming. These poses and practices might help your baby when they are irritable, overtired, have wind or are just bored. Hopefully they benefit you too as you discover how to practice them with awareness of both your baby’s and your needs and you strengthen the bond between you.


Both parents are welcome and pricing is per baby, rather than per adult. Just book one of you in and pay for the baby. $20 per baby!


If you have two or more babies, you will need to have at least one adult booked in per baby.


The class is also followed by a chance to share information and resources with other parents and with mums (and partners) from the prenatal classes.
Swap outgrown baby clothes, toys and equipment or donate them.

Included for $20 per baby

Price is per baby so both parents can attend for no extra cost