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Friday, 25 Sep 2015
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The course is suitable for interstate people too as the main structure is one weekend per month in Brisbane.

Yoga Life Training
The Yoga Life Training Course is a one-year training in yoga and related disciplines. Experiential in nature, it’s designed for people wishing to teach and share yoga as well as for those looking to enhance their overall quality of life.

Okido Yoga is the main inspiration for the YLT course. Grounded in classical yoga and combined with the Japanese Zen tradition, it incorporates elements from many disciplines including zen, taoism, traditional eastern medicine, the martial arts, hatha yoga and shiatsu. It was created by the Japanese master, Masahiro Oki. Okido is a holistic way of listening to the Life Force and it addresses four main areas: movement, breathing, mind-heart and diet. A yoga for daily life, it encourages a wide range of experiences to awaken an individual’s ability to live a happy, healthy and contributive life.

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Body & Breath: Regular yoga practice helps to strengthen the body, enhance the personal energy field and harmonise the breath. The Japanese yoga tradition has a focus on developing the core, or Hara, and stimulating the vital energy, or Ki, by utilising specific methods of breath, movement and asana.

Mind-Heart & Diet: A stronger, more flexible body enhances mental and emotional stability and the capacity for meditation. Meditation balances the inner essence by consciously creating a positive mind and attitude. A balanced, mindful diet also contributes greatly to an effective yoga practice and overall wellbeing.

The YLT course is taught in line with the seasons so that trainees get to experience the nature and qualities of each element and season as the year unfolds. The course is for people who have a good foundation in yoga and aims to teach safe, effective practices and principles that allow for more health, happiness and self-expression. The team of senior teachers leading the course are committed to participants realising their yoga training and wellbeing goals.

Yoga Australia - Level 1 Yoga Instructor
Graduates of the Yoga Life Training course can join Yoga Australia as Level 1 Yoga Instructors.




Basic Principles
• Positive Mind • Gratitude • Hara • Smile-Laugh • Mindfulness • Wholeheartedness 

Steps of Yoga
• Yama-Niyama • Asana • Pranayama • Pratyahara • Dharana • Dhyana • Samadhi

Natural Laws
• Change • Balance • Stability




• Yoga Asana
• Sun and Moon Salutes 
• Body, Mind, Breath Principles 
• 5 Element Meridian Therapy 
• Kyokaho – Strength and Partner Exercises
• Flexibility and Purification Exercises 
• Do-In – Self Shiatsu 
• Tekaho – 12-Step Joint Release 
• Hogushi Self Massage 
• Pranayama 
• Seasonal Wholefoods 
• Yoga Philosophy 
• AOM – Sound - Laughing - Chanting 
• Pledges – Intention - Visualisation 
• Mind-Heart Practices (Meditation) 
• Feng Shui 
• Functional Anatomy 
• Subtle Anatomy – Yin/Yang, Five Element Theory, Hara/Tanden
• The Art of Teaching – class structure, observing, assisting, working with groups, adjustments



The YLT course is registered with Yoga Australia and contains more than 350 hours of tuition and course work over a one-year period including:
• 10 weekend seminars (including one retreat)
• Written assignments and journaling
• Weekly yoga classes
• Home practice

10 Weekend Seminars 
(including one 5-day, 4-night Retreat in February) 
The Weekend Seminars run from 12noon to 8pm on Saturdays and 8:30am to 4:30pm on Sundays.

26-27 September 2015
24-25 October
28-29 November 
16-17 January 2016
13-17 February (retreat at Springbrook)
19-20 March
9-10 April 
14-15 May 
25-26 June 
23-24 July 
3 September

Weekly Yoga Classes: A minimum of 55 hours over the year at approved classes.*




peter masters

Peter Masters - Course Leader 
BA Dip.Shiatsu YA Senior Level III STAA

Peter has a wealth of yoga experience to share. He opened Zen Central in 2001 and has been leading Yoga Teacher Training in Brisbane and Sydney since 2000. The East West Centre in Sydney was Peter’s original place of training in the early 80’s and he trained with Dr Masahiro Oki at the International Oki Yoga Dojo in Mishima, Japan in 1984. He’s led yoga study trips to Japan, Italy, Bali and Hawaii and organised many international yoga seminars in Australia.

Peter has a close connection with the Tokyo Family Yoga School and organised the translation and publication in English of ‘Stretching and Hogushi Massage’ by Saburo Ishii. He also studied and worked with Takao Nakazawa at the Melbourne Okido centre in the mid 80’s and with Masako Kunino at the Sydney and Blue Mts centres in the mid to late 90’s. Other areas of study include shiatsu, qigong and meditation.

“Yoga is an ongoing source of inspiration and practical benefit in all areas of my life. I look forward to sharing the joy, wisdom and community of the Yoga Life Training course.”


michael hetherington yoga

Matthew Sincock - 5 Element Yoga and Philosophy
BA, Dip Shiatsu, Adv Dip Acupuncture, Dip Remedial Massage, Cert IV, 2nd Dan Black Belt Shotokan Karate, First Aid Teacher

Matthew is a professional acupuncturist, yoga teacher, and zen shiatsu massage therapist. He began his studies with an Okido Yoga teacher, Michael Wynne, in 1991. The natural simplicity and wisdom of oriental medicine was the first thing to make sense in Matt’s life, and he studied with Michael for three years. Michael’s style of teaching involved trekking deep into the wilderness for 7-10 days at a time, carrying only a yoga mat and a backpack full of macrobiotic food! It is during this time he began in-depth studies of yoga, zen shiatsu, and qigong. Matt teaches yoga classes which help to create the space to feel a joy for life and an opportunity for self-healing – drawing on his experiences of okido yoga, oriental bodywork as well as deep wilderness experiences.


julie phillips

Julie Phillips - Wholefood Medicine
B.A.R.M., GAPS Certified Practitioner, Dip Shiatsu & Oriental Medicine

Julie has been described as a “walking encyclopaedia of food!” Understanding the wisdom contained within food has always fascinated her.

Julie is the Advanced Food as Medicine Lecturer at the Qld College of Oriental Medicine and the ‘nutrition’ therapist with Practitioners Connected - a group of practitioners who focus on paediatrics - one practitioner per modality, each selected on proficiency. Julie also volunteers as the Brisbane chapter leader for the International Weston A. Price non-profit nutritional organization (12+ years), is the Qld board member for the non-profit group Nourishing Australia (5+ years) and the Brisbane co-ordinator for the non-profit Traditional Foods Network. She writes for several health and parenting magazines and is a guest lecturer and cook at various residential retreats.

"Over the years I’ve loved attending Zen Central's classes, especially the intensives - an amazing way to start the day - movement, social and food - a winning combo. I highly and often recommend Zen Central's classes to clients. It’s such a unique place of healing harmony."


fran archer

Fran Archer - Functional Anatomy
Senior Yoga Teacher Level III YA

Fran is a Somatic therapist, Medical Qigong and Yoga teacher with more than 20 years of experience. Her passion is to assist students restore a sense of balance, wholeness and vitality by forming a more integrated relationship with their body, mind and the natural world around them. Fran’s training began with Grant Woolvens’ Brisbane based Yoga Teacher Training in 1992, then studied Medical Qigong with Master Pam Timmers qualifying in 1997 and graduated as a Somatic Therapist the same year. Continuing the focus on body-based methods lead her to explore the Alexander Technique, The Feldenkrais Method and Ortho-bionomy - all of which inform her current approach to yoga.

The transformative process of embodiment is brought to life during the Functional Anatomy sessions – the meeting place for inside and out. When we become comfortable with the physical composition and structures of our bodies, we relate to ourselves and others differently. Through teaching Functional Anatomy, I’ll have an opportunity to convey an understanding of why Alignment is so important. This will assist the students’ awareness of their spaceal orientation as they move through the practices presented by Peter and Matt.

‘I always feel deeply nourished after attending Oki Yoga classes at Zen Central. The activations are so accurate and have tangible results. The beautifully maintained conscious environment created by dedicated teachers at Zen Central, contribute greatly to the sense of community – a hallmark of the Oki Yoga tradition that I really appreciate.’



Included for

$5,300 Course Fee *
A $500 deposit confirms registration
Early bird discount: $5,000 for the Course Fee if paid in full by course start.

Course Fee Instalment Plan:
The $500 deposit plus four payments of $1,200 by 25 Sept, 15 Jan, 8 April, 15 July

Payment options: Internet transfer, cheque or cash.

* The Course Fee doesn’t include the cost of weekly yoga classes throughout the year.

Schedule / Itinerary

10 Weekend Seminars (including one 5-day, 4-night retreat)
The Weekend Seminars will run 12-8pm on Saturdays & 8:30am-4:30pm on Sundays.

26-27 September 2015
24-25 October
28-29 November 
16-17 January 2016
13-17 February (retreat at Springbrook)
19-20 March
9-10 April 
14-15 May 
25-26 June 
23-24 July 
3 September