Sydney Oki-do Winter Workshop with Peter Masters


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23 Oliver St, Freshwater, NSW, 2096, Australia
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Sunday, 24 Jul 2011
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0425 233 583


What is Oki-do?
Oki-do is to create enjoyment for oneself as well as for others. To be natural in body, mind and breath as the basis of health, happiness and peace.

In Oki-do we are concerned with personal development, interpersonal learning as well as getting in touch with the transpersonal. In other words we start by stabilizing the body, detach the mind and then cultivate love and compassion. Then aiming to embody this experience in all aspects of daily life.

Experience the breadth and depth of Oki-do..practices include purification, strengthening, meditation, chanting and healing. (Part of healing is to practice helping each other. To help others, the key is to help oneself. To help oneself, the key is to help others.)

Winter is the season to draw our energies inwards for renewal and replenishment - creating a firm foundation for the year ahead.

In this workshop Peter will offer useful practices to keep warm and vital including:
* strengthening yoga asana
* meditation
* sound and healing work

Venue: Waves Community Centre
23 Oliver St

Bookings: Bec Fish - 0425 233 583 -

Included for $65

includes refreshments