Oki-do Winter Yoga Intensive


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71 Russell Street, West End, QLD, 4101, Australia
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Monday, 27 Jun 2011 to Friday, 8 Jul 2011
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0418 139 232


Monday to Friday – 6:15 - 7:30am

27 June - 8 July

Keep warm and vital this Winter! In the Taoist Five Element System, Winter relates to the Water Element.  It’s the season to draw our energies inwards for renewal and replenishment, creating a firm foundation for the rest of the year. It’s a good time to build warmth in the body, strengthen the spine and nourish the nervous system. Positive Water Element qualities include courage, flow, adaptability and self-confidence.

Watch Your Condition Change
Oki-do Yoga practices offered during the Intensive include:
- asana
- purification
- strengthening
- chanting
- meditation
- healing

Being mindful and wholehearted is the focus of all the practices. All levels of flexibility and experience are welcome.

Includes a Community Breakfast each Friday and daily Medicinal Teas.

Included for $145

$145 ($50 deposit)