Lower Back Care Workshop


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Sunday, 22 Jul 2012 to Sunday, 22 Jul 2012
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0414 630 163


Lower Back Care Workshopwith Mandakini Sunday 22nd July, 10am- 4:30pm

If you are prone to lower back pain, weakness or stiffness - then this workshop is for you!

Equip yourself with a variety of tools to care and manage your lower back, including:

• Ginger compress –experience this simple, pleasurable and relaxing -yet powerful remedy to help soothe and heal your back (can be used on other joints too)

• Foods that will strengthen and support your back- included in your delicious lunch

• Learn about foods that cause weakness and stiffness to your lower back and why

• Exercises you can perform (with a bad back) to reduce pain and increase mobility- including hand outs


You will feel relaxed, nourished and empowered by the end of this day. The workshop includes lunch, afternoon tea & handouts


Facilitator: Mandakini Foux

Investment: $135 ($125 early bird by 16th July)

Bookings & More info: mandakinifoux@optusnet.com.au 0414 630 163


Mandakini Foux

BSc, Dip Ryoho (Japanese) Yoga and Zen Shiatsu

Over the last 18 years, Mandakini has been teaching both general and specialised yoga classes (such as Lower Back, Weight Loss and Women’s Health yoga). She has offered early morning intensives, seasonal cleanses, residential retreats, Corrective Personalised Programs and Yoga to Corporate Organisations (RBA). Mandakini has guided and assisted people from all walks of life in their healing process, using Yoga, Shiatsu and Food as Medicine. She has taught and lectured in countries throughout the world, including the UK, US, Australia & India. Mandakini has a passion to educate people about Health and Wellness, and loves seeing people’s lives transform.

“ ..Mandakini has a gentle and supportive style, encouraging healing, integrity and fun. She remains aware of the strength and weaknesses of each individual”  Petra, student, 30.


Included for $135

$135 ($125 early bird by 16th July)