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At Yogaveda we offer a variety of yoga classes in different styles from gentle Hatha to the more active Vinyasa and Iyengar classes. Our experienced instructors offer personalised attention and our classes cater for all levels including Beginners, General, Pregnancy, Seniors and Restorative.  

Hamilton Hill, WA

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Madeline Clare

Madeline Clare

 Madeline has been practicing yoga since 1989, graduating as a teacher from the Fremantle School of Yoga in 2011. She has trained in the UK and Australia and is currently studying ayurveda.

Inspired by a genuine desire to share the techniques that have transformed her own way of being, Madeline draws from a range of yoga traditions – Hatha, Ashtanga vinyasa, Iyengar – to create a dynamic yet gentle practice. Iyengar’s focus on alignment provided her teachings the solid foundation; Ashtanga vinyasa created the meditative movement and with a good understanding of pranayama her teachings and own regular practice have been refined.

Madeline teaches yoga as part of a varied palette of life expression and mothering. She is committed to the spiritual and energetic transformation that grounds her practice.

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