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At Yogaveda we offer a variety of yoga classes in different styles from gentle Hatha to the more active Vinyasa and Iyengar classes. Our experienced instructors offer personalised attention and our classes cater for all levels including Beginners, General, Pregnancy, Seniors and Restorative.  

Hamilton Hill, WA

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Jen Goldberg

Jen Goldberg

Jen was first drawn to Yoga in 1992 when some friends urged her to try it out with the words “come on, its good for you”. Those words hold true regardless of age or ability and she's been on the yogic path since then guided by some inspirational teachers.

Yoga provides her with a steadiness and confidence when faced with life’s challenges, as well as a restorative and quiet space when she is in need of rest and rejuvenation. She feels blessed to have this yoga in her life, and enjoys sharing its benefits with others.

She has studied a number of different styles of Yoga, but her method of teaching primarily follows the Iyengar style with its focus on natural movement and alignment to protect the body, the use of props for support. She combines this with a Hatha flow style, using breath and awareness to move deeper into each pose. 

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