Yin Yoga Workshop - Liver & Gallbladder meridian


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Sunday, 23 Nov 2014
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 Often likened to a needless acupuncture session, YIN Yoga is a powerful practice in physical and emotional release.

Suitable for all levels of Yoga students, these popular workshops led by Trish Flynn always shake things up ... and then let them settle beautifully in their proper place again.

This month the target will be Liver and Gall Bladder meridians.

Though what does that mean in real-speak for me - physically and emotionally?       

Physically speaking: 


Our liver is the main organ for detoxification, while our gallbladder stores bile produced by liver to aid the digestive process. 

When out of balance we may experience physical symptoms such as:

* aching knees, tight hips & low back pain

* discomfort walking

* muscular weakness & stiffness

* fatigue

* issues with eyes & vision

* migraines

When the liver is in balance, we can enjoy:

* trouble-free digestion & detoxification

* Ease in knee and hip movement.

* Able to sit and walk with ease.


Emotionally speaking: 


The liver is where we store our soul (Shen).

When the Shen is calm, the liver functions well. 

When out of balance we may experience an emotional presentation in the form of:

* Uneven, irregular emotions

* Chronic anger / inability to express anger, picking fights.

* Feeling pissed off & unable to let things go

* Awkward social behaviour

* Frustration, annoyance, irritation, defensiveness

* Feeling stuck

* Difficulty making plans & following life's path.

* Making rash decisions OR hesitation & timidity

When in balance, relief can come in the form of:

* Increase self compassion & more attentive to our needs

* Balancing our emotions

* Flexibility to adapt during change

* Letting go of frustrations  

Join Trish Flynn for this fabulous 2 hour workshop. 

Register online here (scroll down).  Numbers are limited & walk-ins cannot be guaranteed. 


Included for $55

$55 for this 2 hour workshop with Sydney's Queen of Yoga, Trish Flynn.