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Saturday, 13 Aug 2016 to Saturday, 13 Aug 2016
8:30am - 10:30am
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Often likened to a needle-less Acupuncture session, 
this 2 hour YIN Yoga workshop targeting Kidneys and Urinary Bladder will activate and stimulate the hamstrings, groins, and lower back. 

Both meridians are associated with low energy levels and sluggish immune systems, AND the emotions of anxiety and overwhelm. (staying cool, calm & collected, especially during times of stress).
These 2 major organ systems are responsible for:
Balance (in our overall organ system AND our moods)
Our vital energy levels
Controlling sleep cycles, appetite & libido
Managing stress and anxiety
Building and maintaining immunity. 

During winter our kidneys love to hibernate to recover, replenish and re-energise. So it''s the ideal time to charge them up with some YIN Yoga. 
Slow, gentle, nourishing Yoga is really important for the balance and health of our kidneys to reduce our stress levels. 

And we all know reduced stress levels = a stronger immune system.  

If you''re feeling: 
- Tired or flat - winter''s already getting you down. 
- Is your immune system in a mess?
- Do you suffer from lower back pain?
- Does constant desk sitting only make things worse?
- Do you feel irritable and out of balance? 
Join us. 

Led by Trish Flynn. 
Min: 8 people; Max: 25 people.

Included for $59

2hr Yin Yoga Workshop with Trish Flynn.

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8:30am - 10:30am.