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Saturday, 27 Feb 2016
6pm - 7pm
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Most yoga has similar goals and objectives. Though the dominant style of yoga practiced in the Western World today is YANG Yoga. The Yang style, mostly performed standing, is considered more dynamic - stretching and strengthening muscles and building heat.  Styles such as Power Yoga, Bikram Yoga, Vinyasa Yoga, Flow Yoga or Dynamic Yoga typically fall under this category. 

Yin Yoga is the counterbalance to the practice of Yang Yoga, and is sometimes referred to as yoga for the joints. Yin Yoga targets the ligaments and joints that Yang styles don't normally access. It can be referred to as soft yoga - though sometimes it can be more challenging Yang poses. 

Yin postures that are held for longer periods of time than Yang yoga, inviting more depth in the pose. This stretches and strengthens connective tissues that are much deeper than superficial or muscular tissues - and is mostly practiced sitting or lying down. 

Many Yoga masters agree that the combination of Yin and Yang Yoga poses are the ideal prescription in one’s Yoga practice, and to only practice a Yang style is an incomplete Yoga practice. It’s a classic case of BALANCE. 


Yin Yoga encompasses all skill levels, just like Yang Yoga. Beginners, intermediate and advanced yoga practitioners can all find versions of poses that suit their level. The real YOGA is honouring what best serves you on the mat - each and every time.  


Led by Anne Saymontry

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1 hour Yin/Yang Yoga class.

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