Meditation, Breath-work and Yoga 5-week course.


Map of Longueville, New South Wales
Top end of Kenneth St,, Longueville, New South Wales, 2066, Australia
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Wednesday, 27 Apr 2016 to Wednesday, 25 May 2016
7pm - 8pm
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Experience Clarity, Simplicity, Peace. 

Interestingly: Yoga and breath-work were all ‘designed’ to prepare our minds for stillness, or MEDITATION. This ancient practice has more relevance in our busy, stressed-out world now than ever. 


During this 5-week course we’ll explore mindful Yoga movement and breath-work, then dive into the stillness of Meditation. 

Whether you are an experienced meditator or a newbie doesn’t matter - you’ll experience more physical AND mental release with this expansion to your practice. 


Each week we will build on a Meditation practice to really feel the benefits of being in silence and the ensuing calm it brings. 


There is beauty in both a individual and group practice. 

When we first start out Meditating with others it can help us establish a more anchored energy - as we are practicing for ourselves as well as the whole.



Led by Darshna Siva

Included for $119

5-week Meditation, Breath-work and Yoga course.