Gentle Yoga 6-week Course


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Kenneth St, Longueville, NSW, 2066, Australia
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Tuesday, 16 Aug 2016 to Tuesday, 20 Sep 2016
7pm - 8pm
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Seriously gentle. We promise. 

Sleep better; respond better during challenges, improve self perception and self care.

Yoga needn’t feel like just another thing you’re inadequate or not cut out for. 

Our 6-week Gentle Yoga course teaches you MINDFUL movement, and is ideal if:
- you’ve never done Yoga before
- you’re re-starting your practice after a break
- dealing with an injury or recovering from illness
- maybe you just want to stick to a softer-style practice. 

Expect functional stretching and mobility - gently lengthening muscles & loosening joints, guided breath work and guidance in some of the less-threatening yoga poses, with modifications made to keep them accessible and safe for YOU, in the body you’re in right now. 

Emphasis is on correct technique, learning about the movements as you go while honouring where your body is, with your practice. A great lead-up if you wish to progress toward the OPEN class - though that isn''t necessarily the ultimate goal.

Led by Deb Hennessy. 

Min: 8, Max: 18 students.

Included for $117

6-week Gentle Yoga course.

Schedule / Itinerary

Wednesdays 7pm - 8pm. 

17th August to 21st Sept 2016.