Back Care & Core Strength Yoga Workshop


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Saturday, 14 May 2016
8:15am - 10:30am
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Pain-free back. Stronger core. A self-care plan moving forward. 


As a culture of desk-sitters & slouchers, our day to day lifestyle offers little or nothing for healthy spine alignment or core strength. 

We’re putting our spine in abnormal alignment, with our core muscles in OFF-mode for hours, days, weeks, years, entire careers .. and paying the price with chronic back and neck pain, postural changes, breathing and digestive issues - which can all lead to mental and emotional stress. 


Strong core muscles have been acknowledged as a useful rehab and maintenance plan against back pain, once your initial injury is healing. Many people gravitate towards CORE STRENGTH because of their back pain.

In terms of core strength in a Yoga practice, it teaches us MINDFUL MOVEMENT and improves nearly every pose - offering a sense of balance, ease and inner support. 


Not only physical:

Beyond our centre of balance and strength, the core and midsection of the body is linked to emotional and spiritual elements of our lives. 


During this 2.15hr workshop we will:

- explore basic and core anatomy spine anatomy

- consider the emotional issues also involved

- Enjoy a 75min Yoga practice all about Back care and core strength 

- brush up on your mindfulness

- assess your work station / desk set up

- receive and review a 10min HOME PRACTICE for back care & core strength. 

Anyone, regardless or your prior yoga experience will benefit. Beginners and experienced students all welcome. 



Led by: Mitch (Michelle) Gibson, who brings her 32 years teaching experience (Yoga, Pilates and Fitness) to the workshop. 

Included for $69

A 2.15hr workshop AND a bonus 10min Home practice.