Fertility Yoga Teacher Training


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7 Vimy Street, Bardon, QLD, 4065
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Saturday, 2 Aug 2014 to Sunday, 3 Aug 2014
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The course aims to teach the yoga asanas that are recommended during each phase of a woman's moon cycle.  When a woman's menstrual cycle and the phases of the moon are in tune her well-being and fertility increases. 

What you will learn

·     How a woman’s Fertility cycle and the Moon cycle co-exist

·     Yoga and the Endocrine system

·     Yoga asanas for Fertility

·     How to establish/teach a fertility yoga practice

Suzanne Swan’s daily yoga practice for the last fifteen years has been dedicated to understanding how different yoga postures enhance hormonal balance and womens health.  She has been inspired by Yogini's such as Geeta Iyengar, Swami Gurupremananda Sarawati, Linda Sparrowe, Patricia Walden and Judith Lasater.  We are amazing complex and sacred creatures.  If you have ever found your daily yoga practice disrupted by lack of motivation.  Your hormones may be the reason!!!

Included for $375.00

Includes handbook


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