Active Birth Workshop


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Saturday, 26 Jul 2014
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At yogababy we are committed to couples having positive birth experiences. This childbirth education workshop explores practical ways to assist the labouring woman at birth. It is acknowledged that the birth experience can be greatly enhanced if the partner understands the rhythm of labour.

It covers techniques not taught in other antenatal education classes. You will learn how to create a calm and reassuring atmosphere, to provide effective physical support and emotional comfort as needed. It focuses
an undisturbed physiological birth and describes the benefits of an Active Birth.

During the day long workshop we practice:

* Active Birth positioning
* Massage techniques to enhance labour
* Use of movement to reduce the effect of stress
* Use of the breath to relax and release inner tension
* Use of sound to connect with a woman's strength and power
* Relaxation skills to enhance the natural hormones of labour
* Natural forms of pain relief
* Releasing fears
* Decision making model for dealing with the unexpected
* Baby self attachment

The focus is on the partner's participation during the labour and how the birth itself is as much a team effort as the conception. This workshop complements hospital or other classes, and is also an excellent refresher for parents.

Dates for 2014

26th July Bardon (Bardon Counselling Centre)

16th August Newmarket (Soul Space)

6th September Bardon (Bardon Counselling Centre)

25th October Newmarket (Soul Space)

22nd November Newmarket (Soul Space)