Unlock Your Bandhas - Free Your Yoga - with Mark O'Brien


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Saturday, 4 Feb 2012
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Bandhas are subtle "locks" or the energetic activation of parts of the physical body that affect every level of your being (physical, pranic, mental and spiritual). Because they can lead to esoteric powers there is often a voyeuristic thrill about learning to apply them. Or perhaps people are just fascinated to investigate their perineum and pelvic floor to find their mula bandha! But either way, they are valuable tools to sharpen your yoga practice.

Bandhas arise from asana (not the other way around.) When you achieve correct alignment, then the bandhas arise naturally to support postures, contain energy/prana and strengthen your practice and its effects. They are the foundation to really effective practice to transform your life and your outlook.

Come and learn how for yourself.

What we will learn:

  • The location and feeling of the 3 major bandhas
  • How to allow the bandhas to work naturally through correct alignment
  • Learn the difference between (faulty) muscular contraction and (correct) action on the body.
  • How bandhas can make your asana safer and more effective
  • Foundation principles of Bandha applied to pranayama (breathing practices)

    This is a practical afternoon workshop for anyone interested in yoga. No particular ability is required. We'll combine asana practice with a little background theory, so bring a notepad, your curiosity and your heart.



    Mark is the founder of Qi Natural Therapies & Yoga in Manly and has practiced Yoga for 18 years with well over 10,000 teaching hours under his belt. He holds Senior/Level 3 membership of Yoga Australia.

    Whilst respecting the ancient traditions of Yoga his classes are lively and often irreverent. With a gentle but intense Vinyasa style, he pays great attention to sequencing and breath in order to prepare the body & mind to receive the profound benefits of yoga.

    Mark's classes will inspire your curiosity to explore how to be truly happy through an organic, playful, grounded and mindful approach using all the tools of yoga, not just postures.

    His teaching encourages a tailored approach for each individual that emphasizes safety and leads us to realize a divine inner perfection lurking in us all.


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